Consulting services

We have experience in building organizational and technical frameworks related to the use of machine learning and related techniques, which we have built while implementing projects for both the private and public sectors. The acquired knowledge and practical experience allow us to better understand the challenges our clients face. 

As part of our consulting services, we offer: 

  • Support in building foundations AI Governance, i.e. all solutions that allow an organization to use artificial intelligence in a safe and effective way; we work on the latest standards, including: ISO 42001:2023
  • Designing an artificial intelligence risk management framework in the organization, taking into account the business model and risk profile of our clients; we use recognized ISO standards and NIST
  • Developing policies, procedures and regulations that are an essential component of an organization based on data and advanced data analytics, including in the area of information security and data management 

Sample products: 

  • Policy of implementing and using artificial intelligence in the organization 
  • AI risk management procedure 
  • Policy of responsible and trustworthy artificial intelligence, including components for cloud services (Azure OpenAI, LLaMA, PaLM, Gemini)
  • Data management policy
  • Artificial intelligence training procedure and plan 
  • Artificial intelligence system card 
  • Classification of AI systems 
  • Incident management procedure