Safely, ethically, effectively.

GovernedAI Platform

We provide a platform thanks to which you can consciously and safely use commonly available LLM solutions (e.g. ChatGPT) as well as your own generative models.

We advise

Our consulting services help organizations implement AI technology safely and effectively, as well as identify needs related to the use of, among others: generative artificial intelligence.

We train

We offer a number of training courses for technical, management and product teams that allow you to understand and effectively manage the risks associated with AI technology, but also wisely approach its use to achieve business goals.

GovernedAI Mission

Creating a safe, effective, tailored and predictable environment for the development and implementation of solutions based on broadly understood artificial intelligence.

Key features of our solutions and services:
  • the highest level of security and AI governance
  • focusing on people, their privacy and data protection at every stage - from concept to implementation to the proverbial retirement
  • responsibility for ensuring compliance with applicable and proposed standards and regulations, including: Data Act, based on the ISO/IEC 27563:2023 or ISO/IEC 38507:2022 standards

About us

We are a well-coordinated team of experts from various fields (IT architecture, data science, law), who understand how great a challenge it is to implement AI in a way that is both effective and safe. We believe in our ability to combine the legal perspective with corporate architecture and data science to create innovative solutions based on responsible artificial intelligence (Responsible & Trustworthy AI). Our actions are driven by the belief that humans should be at the center of these technological changes. Our approach is always focused on the needs of our clients, taking into account their concerns and concerns. We focus on compliance with applicable regulations and ethical standards, which are the foundation of our activities. Thanks to this, we not only provide solutions that meet customer expectations, but also act with full respect for their interests and society. Our support is not only effective, but also responsible.

Michał Nowakowski, Chief Executive Officer

Doctor of law and legal advisor with over 10 years of experience in the area of financial innovations and new technologies, as well as compliance.

Krzysztof Gwardys, Chief Technology Officer

Several years of experience in the areas of IT Governance, Enterprise Architecture/solutions and data-oriented software development.

Grzegorz Gwardys, Chief Data Scientist

Over 10 years of professional experience from the very beginning related to Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing.