Building a trustworthy organization based on data and artificial intelligence requires understanding the technology and the risks associated with it. This means the need to provide appropriate training that will allow employees and contractors to safely and more effectively use the business potential of artificial intelligence. Our training is addressed to both technical and non-technical people, including lawyers, compliance inspectors and product owners.

We have many years of experience in conducting training and workshops for both small and large entities. We have a unique methodology for conducting classes that are aimed at activating participants and building value for the organization during them. We conduct training and workshops both stationary and online - depending on the client's needs. We set the meeting plan individually, but our offer also includes ready-made training that we can implement immediately. 

Our offer includes training including: 

  • Introduction to artificial intelligence in organizations – inspire your team and discover the potential of AI in your organization with our motivational training. We help create an environment conducive to innovation and the safe use of AI, opening the door to new business opportunities.
  • AI Product discovery – transform ideas into innovative AI solutions at our AI Product Discovery workshop. We will help you diagnose the needs of your organization and develop creative AI implementation concepts that will transform your business. 
  • AI Governance – strengthen your organization with our AI Governance training. We focus on practical building the foundations of AI risk management and the business-justified use of AI, which is the key to achieving a competitive advantage
  • AI risk management – Master the art of AI risk management with our dedicated training. A practical approach and the adoption of AI risk management standards will allow your organization to achieve new levels of security and efficiency
  • Data-driven organization – transform your organization into a leader in your industry through the use of data. We focus on key issues of creating an effective, data-driven organizational culture that drives innovation and its growth